Dark Season 3

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At the point when two kids disappear in a little German town, its evil past is uncovered alongside the twofold lives and cracked connections that exist among four families as they look for the children. The secret dramatization arrangement presents an unpredictable riddle loaded up with turns that incorporates a snare of inquisitive characters, every one of whom have an association with the town's upset history - regardless of whether they know it or not. The story incorporates powerful components that tie back to a similar town in 1986. "Dim" speaks to the primary German unique arrangement delivered for Netflix.

First scene date: December 1, 2017

Last scene date: June 27, 2020

Language: German

Sorts: Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Science fiction, Supernatural

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Dark Season 3 Episode 1

Dark Season 3 Episode 2

Dark Season 3 Episode 3

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Dark Season 3 Episode 5

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Dark Season 3 Episode 8


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